Predicting space weather

Researcher gets $1.2 million to develop solar cycle prediction system.

The forecasting system may be able to predict cycles 11 years ahead of time.

Investigating primate speech

Researcher gets $1 million to study neurobiological evolution of language and speech in primates.

Data will provide important information on plasticity in the language networks of the brain.

Analyzing space data

Researcher gets $1.5 million to develop new solar astronomy software tools.

Software will allow scientists to perform analyses on scales and detail levels that have not been possible.


Research in the Headlines.

Georgia State researchers are making headlines across the nation.

RT @NIDCD: Our Advisory Council welcomes new members Jian-Dong Li @GSU_Research, Diane Bless @uwsmph, David Lee @umiamimedicine via @GSU_Research 3 days ago