Cell ConstructsCell Constructs, Inc.

Cell Constructs, Inc. (CCI) is a privately held research and development company formed in 2008 to develop and evaluate proof-of-principle product concepts based upon the use of adult human stem cells.  These prototype products are comprised of cultured cells, biomaterials, and cell-derived biomolecules and biopolymers for use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. CCI also provides contract research services to client companies where there is an overlap of business interest. Areas of expertise include drug delivery formulation, bioabsorbable polymers, and surgical devices. The co-founders have decades of relevant business and biotechnology experience both in large multi-national corporations and small start-up ventures.

Haplomics, Inc.

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Jeevan BiosciencesJeevan Biosciences, Inc.

Jeevan Biosciences, Inc. is an Atlanta based biotechnology company committed to the development of cellular models for cancer and neurologic disease research and drug testing. Through accurate cellular model systems, we strive to bridge the gap between research and medicine to improve the quality of life for patient populations who would benefit the most.

NeurOpNeurOp, Inc.

NeurOp, Inc. is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing disease-activated medicines for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, including major depression, neuropathic pain, and ischemia.  We are partnered with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in a funded license/research collaboration to develop some of our opportunities.

ProDa BioTech, LLC

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Chemily, LLC

Chemily LLC is a research, development and consulting company focusing on cost-effective synthesis of glycan libraries, carbohydrate-based biochemicals, reagents and pharmaceuticals.

CHEMILY is aiming at developing into a major supplier for carbohydrate-based biochemicals, reagents and pharmaceuticals, and has been manufacturing several categories of products using it’s proprietary chemo-enzymatic and in vivo bioengineering technology. Some of the new developments include:

  • Structure-defined oligosaccharides and glycolipids
  • Immunogenic bacterial cell surface polysaccharides
  • Sugar nucleotides and their derivatives
  • Carbohydrate-based pharmaceuticals and glycoprotein vaccines
  • Carbohydrate related enzymes, such as glycosyl transferases, glycosyl hydrolases, sugar nucleotide biosynthesized enzymes.

Based on its proprietary carbohydrate and uncommon sugar library (deposits), CHEMILY has been developing sugar-containing small molecules in therapeutic treatment options in two core disease areas: cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Recently, CHEMILY has been licensing and developing novel glycoconjugation technology in order to produce polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines and therapeutic glycoproteins to unprecedented cost effective levels.

NanoResearch, Inc.

Dr. David A Noye

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