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Name Website College / Affiliation Description
Geospatial Laboratories   College of Arts & Sciences Focuses on research and education with regards to statistical and spatial analysis, geographic information,and scientific visualization.
Environmental Research Lab http://erl.gsu.edu College of Arts & Sciences Provides advanced analytical capabilities to researchers, students, and others in the Georgia State University community and beyond.
Visualization Wall http://technology.gsu.edu/technology-services/it-services/research-computing/visualization-wall/ IS&T This 200-million pixel visualization wall enables viewing of complex simulation data such as 3D microscope images and high-resolution MRI data.
Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core http://transgenic.gsu.edu University Research The Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core is a research resource for investigators at Georgia State University as well as surrounding institutions to produce genetically engineered animal models.
Research Computing Wiki https://so.gsu.edu/web/researchcomputing/info IS&T Research Computing Wiki
Research Computing http://technology.gsu.edu/technology-services/it-services/research-computing/ IS&T Research Computing Wiki
R. Cooter Bureau for Sport Business Research http://kh.education.gsu.edu/kh-facilities/rankin-cooter-bureau-for-sport-business-research/ College of Education This facility is used to conduct research in the areas of sport marketing, sport finance, event management, facility operation and other areas of sport administration.
Pedagogy Laboratory http://kh.education.gsu.edu/kh-facilities/pedagogy-laboratory/ College of Education The Health and Physical Education Pedagogy Laboratory provides resources for faculty and students interested in teacher education and assessment.
NMR Core http://chemistry.gsu.edu/facilities/ College of Arts and Sciences The Atlanta High Field NMR Facility houses spectrometers ranging from 60 MHz to 600 MHz. All instruments have gradient and triple resonance capabilities.
Musculoskeletal Injury Research Lab http://kh.education.gsu.edu/kh-facilities/muscle-biology-lab/ College of Education The lab is a 1200 square foot facility with several computer workstations, teaching space and a variety of equipment for the examination, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, etc.
Muscle Biology Lab http://education.gsu.edu/KIN/4673.html College of Education A 400 square foot facility equipped to study skeletal muscle physiology, electrophysiology, biochemistry, histochemistry and molecular and cellular biology.
Mass Spectrometry Core http://chemistry.gsu.edu/facilities/ College of Arts and Sciences Provides recently upgraded instrumentations and expertise in mass spectrometric analysis.
Instructional Technology Center http://itc.gsu.edu/ College of Education The Center serves as a resource center providing learning spaces, technology workshops, student computer access, and specialized educational technology resources.
Digital Arts Entertainment Lab (DAEL) http://dael.gsu.edu/ College of Arts and Sciences Digital Arts is a multimillion-dollar entertainment research and production facility that facilitates the creation and testing of digital media content and incubates emerging media arts businesses, trains graduate students and engages in academic research.
DNA/Protein Core Facility http://biology200.gsu.edu/core/DNA/DNA.html College of Arts and Sciences The DNA/Protein Core provides a number of services including DNA sequencing and genomics, flow cytometry, proteomics services and other generic services.
Culture and Fermentation Core Facility http://biology.gsu.edu/reddot/11019.html College of Arts and Sciences This facility provides a state-of-the-art fermentation facility with modern equipment.
Collabtech http://research.gsu.edu/economic-development/collabtech/ College of Arts and Sciences Collabtech, joint-venture business incubator with state-of-the-art facilities, fosters the opportunity for collaboration between faculty and biotech start-ups.
The CHARA Array http://www.mtwilson.edu/ College of Arts and Sciences The array is a six-telescope optical/infrared interferometric array located at Mount Wilson, California.
Center for Advanced Brain Imaging http://www.cabiatl.com/CABI/ College of Arts and Sciences CABI provides researchers with a dedicated magnetic resonance imaging scanner to investigate brain functions and structure.
Biomechanics Lab http://kh.education.gsu.edu/kh-facilities/biomechanics-lab/ College of Education Enhances bio-mechanical research productivity in the areas of sport and exercise activities, and medical rehabilitation.
Bioimaging Core Facility http://biology.gsu.edu/12033.html College of Arts and Sciences The facility has a wide array of equipment and facilities dedicated to imaging Biological samples from the atomic to the macroscopic levels.
Applied Physiology Lab http://kh.education.gsu.edu/kh-facilities/applied-physiology-lab/ College of Education The lab is a 2,000 square foot facility that serves the research, teaching, and service needs of the Department of Kinesiology and Health.
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