The Georgia State University Research Foundation (GSURF) is a Georgia nonprofit corporation, which was created to support the research activities of the university through securing gifts, contributions and grants from individuals, private organizations, and public agencies and in obtaining contracts with such individuals or entities for the performance of sponsored research, development, or other programs by the university. Research grants awarded to the foundation are then provided to the university, which is responsible for the fiscal administration of the grants.

The foundation is currently managed by a board comprised of 11 directors. Seven directors are members of the board by virtue of their responsibilities at the university and four remaining directors are elected annually, as follows: one dean, elected annually by the Dean’s Group of Georgia State University; two members of the Georgia State University Senate Research Committee, elected annually by that committee; and a member of the university’s faculty, elected annually by the Georgia State University Senate Research Committee. Other members of the foundation board may be elected at any time by the affirmative vote of a majority of board members, or as authorized by resolution of the board. The directors serve on the board for unlimited terms as long as they are in good standing at the university.