Past Tenants

This site serves as an archive of start-up companies once affiliated with CollabTech at Georgia State.

American Process, Inc.  api logo

American Process Inc. specializes in the development of technologies for producing low cost cellulosic sugars from non-food based biomass. The integrated development team is comprised of experts spanning the entire project life-cycle from laboratory research and detailed engineering to project execution and operations.

GeneCure, LLC     

GeneCure, LLC is a privtely owned biotechnology company which develops gene-based technology to treat many human diseases (genetic and acquired).  The company’s business strategy is to enter corporate partnership with pharmaceutical companies to commercialize gene-based therapeutics developed based on its proprietary technology.
Dr. Frank Tung, CEO
Phone: (770) 263-7508

For more information, visit GeneCure at their company website.


Kinetic Biosystems, Inc.

Kinetic Biosystems, Inc. is a corporation formed in 1997 to commercialize the science developed and patented by Dr. Heath Herman.  The CBR technology creates a fluidized bed of extremely dense concentrations of microorganisms or mammalian cells up to ten thousand times more concentrated than existing systems – and which enables a continuous flow of liquid and nutrients to be processed through this bed.  The implications for many marketplaces are dramatic.  Broad patents covering this breakthrough in technology were granted in the United States in 1997, 1998, and 2001, with foreign equivalents and additional patents pending.
Joseph T. McMahon, President and CEO
KBI Biopharma Inc.
PO Box 15579
1101 Hamlin Road
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 479-9898
For more information, visit Kinetic Biosystems, Inc. at their company website.


KPS Technologies

KPS Technologies produces unique cyanine dyes that absorb and fluoresce at near-infrared wavelengths.  These molecules are useful as detection units since virtually all organic materials including biological tissues are penetrated by NIR radiation.  Potential applications are quite varied but those of interest are diagnostic ones including protein labeling, immunoassays and DNA sequencing.  The major market for these compounds will be instrument manufacturers.  Custom made kits are available upon request.

Gabor Patonay
Phone:(404) 413-5556


Medical Device Development Group LLC / Atlanta Catheter Therapies Inc.

The Medical Device Development Group LLC/ Atlanta Catheter Therapies Inc., provides medical product development for devices in Class 1 to Class 3 using our integrated product development method.  Our services extend from product conceptualization, through prototyping and manufacturing, to order fulfillment.  We partner collaboratively with our clients to custom-tailor the service level, so you pay only for the services you need to successfully launch your product.

Our many years of experience in medical device product development and manufacturing enable us to provide full service. Our clients span the range from major international companies to independent inventors, as well as universities and start-ups.

Mr. Scott Hampton – President
Phone: (678) 316-0920

For more information, visit Medical Device Development Group at their company website.

Stratusfy, LLC

Stratusfy is a freelance consultancy that offers a unique data analysis and applied statistics platform to companies that are in need of data science applications.
Jim Crozier
Member, Founder
Phone: 678-524-1833


Zygogen LLC  

Founded in 1999, Zygogen is a premier provider of zebrafish research products and services for academic and commercial applications. We provide proprietary zebrafish embryos directly to researchers for rapid, cost-effective, compound screening in their own laboratories. We also offer a full complement of zebrafish-based services, including screening assays and gene function analysis. Our transgenic Z-TagSM zebrafish are engineered with organ and tissue-specific fluorescence to produce robust readouts that enable high content, in vivo screening. Individual gene targets are rapidly interrogated using our exclusive Morphant antisense knock-down embryos.

Zygogen is differentiated from its competitors in three ways.

  • Our sole focus is on providing zebrafish products and services
  • We have exclusive rights to Z-Tag and Morphant embryos
  • We are a pioneer in automating zebrafish compound screening

Zygogen believes that the full commercial value of the zebrafish model system is realized by using Z-Tag embryos for automated secondary screening of hits derived from high throughput primary screens and by using Morphant gene knockdown embryos to investigate target classes. Zebrafish have been used as a discovery tool by scientists in diverse therapeutic areas as well as toxicity and safety pharmacology.

Nina Sawczuk, CEO
Phone: (404) 523-7309

For more information, visit Zygogen at their company website.

Brandt Labs